23 - 28 April 2003

Disney in Vegas and the not so dead Death Valley

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The casino Bellagio in Las Vegas with artificial lake.
A drive-in wedding chapel in downtown Las Vegas.
Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The structure above provides shade in the scorching sun.
An old neon sign from one of the casinos in downtown Las Vegas.
The Eiffel Tower...err, no, just a smaller replica of the tower at the casino with the Paris theme.
The casino Excalibur in Las Vegas. This is just opposite the MGM Grand and close to my motel.
A view of The Strip at night.
The view into the canyons at Zabriski point in Death Valley.
At the lowest elevation in the US (~ -83m) in Death Valley. The GPS gives a slight error.
The Devil's golf course in Death Valley. This formation is caused by salt and humidity.
Pippi at the Devil's golf course.
Life in Death Valley.
More and colourful life in a harsh environment (for us).
The Artist's Palette. The colours are different minerals in the rocks.
A rainbow of colours in the rocks.
The Devil's cornfield (what's with all this Devil stuff?) in Death Valley.
My first sand dunes. Unfortunately off limits to bikes :(
A lizard in the desert. The place was full of them and there were tracks everywhere.
A 20-mule team wagon at the Borax works. This ensemble was pulled by mules to deliver the mineral Borax from Death Valley.
Guillermo and Oscar's families from LA which I met at Death Valley
At sea level, but where's the ocean?
After another mountain pass, there is yet another one ahead!!!
The desert is very colourful in the spring.
A tiny ghost town which left me disappointed as there was almost nothing to see. I guess that's why they are ghost towns...

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